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1. The first session, the screening session,  will determine if you have Irlen Syndrome and if it can be helped using the Irlen Method’s color application. In this session, your Irlen professional will also test how severe the condition is and if color can help limit or eliminate your struggles. We are currently offering screening.

Your screening session will last about an hour and costs $120 which includes up to 2 overlays.

If you need additional time it may be offered same day or scheduled for another day. The cost is $25 per additional 15-minutes.

     A.) In order to book we need to collect a $50 deposit. Even if you book below, your appointment will not be confirmed until the deposit is given.

          - The easiest way to pay is by clicking the "Pay Now" button. Put "Irlen" in the memo. 

          - Alternatively, you can call and give your credit card details.

     B.) The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of your visit.

          - The consent and intake forms must be filled out prior to your visit. 

     C.) The deposit can be refunded if:

          -You cancel by Thursday the previous week. 


Screening for Irlen Syndrome requires two testing sessions:

2. The second is meant only for those who experience moderate to significant improvement with colored overlays. During this session, the certified professional will determine the specific wavelengths of light that are causing your problems. You will then be given the correct color overlays to help alleviate your symptoms. ​We are not offering this service at this time. 

Testing For ​Irlen® Syndrome