"I first connected with Dr. Iller about my health after a year-long, post-COVID struggle to not only feel normal, but also stop being susceptible to every little infection brought home by my wife and kids. After decades of feeling bulletproof, COVID hit me like a ton of bricks and was followed by stomach bugs, flus, strong colds and other maladies that hadn't penetrated my body's defenses since I was a young child. 

Following a second, rather brutal bout of COVID in July of 2023 that seemed to be lingering for weeks, I reached out to Dr. Iller, who carefully explained the inflammatory response my body was going through and suggested that I try a carefully curated regiment of supplements, vitamins and other healing strategies to get my body back up to speed. 

And, man, did it work! 

I now feel like my old, powerful self again and have appreciated Dr. Iller's regular check-ins via phone and text. For anyone dealing with long COVID or, frankly, anyone who just wants to get back to feeling strong, I highly recommend you give Dr. Iller a call and listen to what she has to say. I'm extremely glad I did."
- Jay, 43

"The benefit of working with Dr. Iller is her understanding, support and knowledge base."

- N.R., Burlington, WA

"I would definitely recommend Dr. Iller to others who are experiencing a chronic illness and would like treatment in a supportive Environment."

-K.V., Burlingotn, WA


"I would recommend Dr. Iller to anyone with a puzzling and treatment-resistant chronic illness."

​​- E.M., Poulsbo, WA

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​​​​​"I've had Lyme disease and co-infections for more than 22 years.  I've managed the illness for most of that time with diet and exercise, but a few years ago it became obvious I was losing the battle.  I needed a doctor with the specialized skills and knowledge to work with the complex set of conditions I am experiencing.

I've been working with Dr. Iller for a year and a half.  During that time, not only have I seen definite improvement in my overall health and energy level, including a number of key symptoms (heart palpitations, peripheral neuropathy, joint problems, headaches, and muscle weakness), but in all honestly, this is the best relationship I have ever had with a doctor. 

​It feels like a partnership. She listens whether I am reporting symptoms, asking questions, or bringing up treatment possibilities I have heard about elsewhere.  She responds directly, with the expertise I expect from a doctor.  If she can't give me a complete answer in the moment, she does the research and gets back to me.  She monitors my progress and adjusts treatment protocols according to how I am doing, as well as my personal lifestyle considerations.

Dr. Iller uses a range of available treatments, including supplements, herbal extracts, IV nutritional therapy (which is a specialty of hers) and prescription medications. She is a young doctor, but her sharp mind, depth of knowledge, enthusiasm and openness to new ideas instills in me a confidence I must have to put trust in any doctor."


-R.M., Nevada City, CA

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