The following protocol was developed to create a safe atmosphere for patients, staff and physicians. 

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1. You must respond to the screening questionnaire 24-48 hours before your in person visit. We have the right to cancel your appointment if we do not get this form in time. You can see it in the portal. 

      -If you have any symptoms at all of Covid-19, please reschedule or change your visit to a video visit. 

2. When you arrive at the office please wait in your car or in/ near the parking lot. Give us a call to let us know you've arrived. We will call you or come down to get you when it is time to come up

3. Please do not bring anyone with you into the office unless absolutely necessary. 

4. You and anyone with you must wear a mask / face-covering over your mouth and nose the entire time you are in the building including the elevator. 

    -The air flow in the elevator is poor, so wearing a mask in the elevator is necessary

    - There are no medical exceptions to this rule. Reach out for mask training if needed. 

5. Once you enter the office use hand sanitizer.

    -Refrain from using or only minimally handle your phone, wallet or anything out of your purse until you exit the building. These items are frequently unclean.

6. You will be asked to answer the same pre-screening questions before your appointment. 

7. Your temperature and oxygen concentration will be taken before your visit. 

8. We request that you do not use the chairs in the waiting room if at all possible.

9. When speaking with reception please speak through the plexiglass section only for Christine's safety.  

10. Payment at the end of the visit will be hands free. You may pick up supplements at the end of the visit. Hand sanitizer should be sufficient to clean your hands after picking up the supplements. 

11. We encourage you to use hand sanitizer on the way out of the office as well. Consider holding it in your hand until you exit the building to sanitize before entering your car.

If there are any rules you prefer not to follow for any reason please change your visit to a video visit and we will be happy to work with you that way.