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Getting your Needs Met

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URGENT NEEDS Matters needing attention within 3 business days please refer to the FAQ page on the FMNW website on how to proceed. Urgent needs are those that would send you to Urgent care. 

MESSAGING There is a limit of 12 outgoing portal messages between appointments as well as a 750 character limit to message length.  See below for more detail.  Most non-urgent portal messages get a response in 2-4 business days Monday-Friday. 

- If you message on Friday, it may take until the following Thursday to get a reply. 

-If you message on Monday, it may take until the following Friday to get a reply. 

If you don't get a reply in 4 business days M-F please either 1. resend you portal message or 2. call and ask Christine to check on the message. 

WORK DONE OUTSIDE OF AN APPOINTMENT  Care request and administration work completed outside of an appointment are not compensated for by the fee paid for your visit or the insurance payment.
NEEDS OUTSIDE OF AN APPOINTMENT You have the option to make an appointment to cover the cost of these services or you can pay a $25 fee per 10 minutes work.  You can pay online via paypal or message Christine and ask her to charge the card on file. Let us know once done and you will be added to the list of administration/care requests.
GETTING YOUR NEEDS MET The following will give you a better idea how to get your needs met and will help you understand why we may be asking you to book an appointment.
INCLUDED IN YOUR VISIT For the 7-days following your visit Dr. Iller will refill medication(s), either re-prescribed medications or new medications discussed during your visit, and answer brief plan clarification questions.
-What is not covered? If you need a prescription we did not discuss or you have a request we did not talk about during your visit then you will need to make another appointment or opt to pay the administration fee of $25 per 10 minutes. Some needs require an appointment and it will not be sufficient to pay the $25 admin fee. 
PAST DUE FOR YOUR FOLLOW UP At the bottom of each care plan is the expected amount of time before your next follow up. It is generally between 4 weeks and 8 weeks.

-Please keep in mind 4 weeks is not the same as 1 month and 8 weeks is not the same 2 months. 

-We generally recommend you follow up on the earlier side, as opposed to the later side.

-We also recommend you book 4-5 weeks in advance since Dr. Iller's schedule gets full quickly

 If you have any request, including medication refill, and you are beyond your expected follow up date then you are required to book a follow up visit. Please bring your questions and refill requests to your follow up.

If you cannot book a follow up before your medication runs out you will need to pay the administration fee and book when you can. You will get a 30-day fill one time only. If you do not follow up within 30-days you will not get another fill until you follow up. 
PORTAL MESSAGES Are for brief “yes” or “no” question or brief clarification of your plan. If you require more than that please make an appointment. 
ACUTE HEALTH CHANGES Please make a visit to address any changes to your health care. If you have developed a UTI, rash, cough or some other ailment and we did not discuss this in your last visit you will need a follow up visit.
LAB REVIEW Make a visit and Dr. Iller will review your labs the day of your visit. This is for labs Dr. Iller ordered or for outside labs. Some labs require 10-15 minutes of study and this will be incorporated into your visit.
These will be read before your follow up and added to the time of the appointment. Alternatively, you can opt to pay the administrative fee to have the article read earlier, if time allows in Dr. Illers' schedule. There is a 4-page maximum per visit/fee.
PRIOR AUTHORIZATION This requires the $25 fee.
FMLA/LEAVE PAPERWORK Please make a visit each time the paperwork needs to be filled out.