Frequently Asked Questions

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Covid-19 Office Protocol:

Please see the drop down menu under the home tab. 

How do I Schedule an appointment?
The easiest way to make an appointment is through the scheduler at the bottom of the homepage.  You can also make an appointment through the portal or by calling the office at (206) 268-0397. You must select the correct clinic and provider if you are using the patient portal.  Using the portal rather than the website scheduler is the better option if you are using a cell phone to make your appointment.

How do I cancel an appointment?
You can cancel online or by calling the office at (206) 268-0397. To avoid the late cancellation fee, please cancel in advance at least 48 business hours (Monday-Friday).


  • To cancel a Monday 2 pm appointment, please cancel by the previous Thursday at 2 pm.
  • To cancel a Tuesday 2 pm appointment, please cancel by the previous Friday at 2 pm.

This allows time for another patient to take your spot.  The late cancel/ no show fee is $50 per missed appointment.

Phone Follow Up: How does this work?

  • This is a grandfathered in service for existing patients or for patients who are paying time of service and cannot do a video visit.
  • You must sign a non-covered service agreement prior to the appointment.  These visits will not be billed to insurance. You must make a video appointment to use insurance. 
  • The provider will call you, so please provide the best number to call. She may be running 10-15 minutes late.  If she is 20 minutes late please call the office.  Please allow 45 minutes for this appointment in case she is running late. 

Where are the New Patient intake forms?
All intake forms can now be filled out on the Charm patient portal. If you cannot do that you can still access the paper forms online by clicking here.  Please print these and bring them to your appointment.  If you are unable to do this, please inform the office at least 24-hours before your appointment so we can be sure to have the forms ready for you upon your arrival.

Out of Town, State, Country?

No problem.  FMNW uses a video conference service through the charm portal.

If you establish in person with FMNW and are seen in person annually then we can prescribe medications for you. Dr. Iller only has a license to practice medicine in Washington. So, she can only prescribe medication in Washington state.  Starting January 1 2020 all out of state visits will need to be paid for at the time of service. We can then provide you a billing statement should you want to send it to your insurance. 

Please be aware that most Video visits are covered by insurance. If you are unsure, to be eligible for the time of service 20% discount, payment must be made the day of your appointment. Our online payment option makes this easy!

If you do not establish in person initially please be aware that Dr. Iller cannot prescribe medication for you and that all recommendations are meant to be utilized with your local doctor.

Special Needs?

Handicap parking is available at our office and we have an elevator to take you to the third floor.



Dr. Iller bill's generally bill's by time, but can also bill by complexity of care. Keep in mind Dr. Iller has pre-established agreements with certain insurances and so the fee's below will be adjusted / decreased by your insurance company.  If paying out of packet and not using insurance you may qualify for a discount. All time of service payments made the same day of your service qualify for a 20% discount.

Naturopathic Fees / New Patient

60 minutes / High Complexity $356

45 minutes / Moderate complexity $299

Naturopathic Fees / Established Patient

40 minutes / High Complexity $287.50

25 minutes / Moderate Complexity $230.00

Acupuncture billing is unique. Acupuncture patients will see billing for acupuncture codes for each visit and will see an evaluation and management code every other to every 3rd visit. Even though Dr. Iller will evaluate and manage your case every visit she only charges for it every few visits. 

​​Does FMNW Providers take my Insurance?
We ask that you call your insurance company to verify if our provider is an in-network provider on your particular plan, and if Naturopathic Medicine and Acupuncture is covered.  Using the customer service number listed on the back of your insurance card, please ask the following: 

  1. Is Kimberly Iller  at 3876  Bridge Way N, Suite 300 Seattle WA 98103 or 8010 15th Ave NW Ste D Seattle WA 98117 an in network provider on my plan? It will take insurance until at least February 2020 to update my address. 

  2. Is naturopathic medicine and acupuncture covered by my plan?

  3. ​Are video visits covered by my plan?

  4. Is there a limit to the number of visits or treatments on my plan for the various services offered?

  5. What is my copay for each type of visit?

How do I make a Payment?
Preferred method of payment is a check. Checks declined due to non-sufficient funds will be charged a fee of $50.00 plus any additional fees charged to FMNW above the $50.00. Mail Checks to:

​3876  Bridge Way N,

Suite 300
Seattle, WA 98103

The other method of payment is by credit card payment.  You can pay online using PayPal or you can call or portal message your credit card details. You must include the specific amount to be charged.  Asking us to charge the current open balance is not sufficient.:

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • Security code on the back of the card
  • Names on card
  • Zip code associated with the card
  • Exact amount to be charged

Patient will receive a bill mailed to their house over 2 consecutive months. If your bill is unpaid, you will receive a warning email and will be given 2 additional weeks to pay your bill or to create a payment plan with the office.

Checks declined due to non-sufficent funds will be charged $50 plus any additional fees charged to FMNW above the $50.00.

Can I use an FSA/HSA account for my supplements?
These account help lower the cost of health care and are great for patients. Please be advised that FSA accounts follow very specific rules. It is your responsibility to be aware of the rules, to keep track of your supplements and to be prepared to provide FMNW with a drafted letter that includes all of the pertinent information your FSA requires. Most require letters of medical necessity and will provide you the details needed.

Questions about your Bill?
Patients will receive a bill mailed to their mailing address over 2 consecutive months. If your bill is unpaid, you will receive a letter with a final warning. If you receive a bill or final warning and you have already paid, please contact our office with your payment details so we can verify that payment was received and applied correctly.

Any questions about your statement should be sent to Thrive Profitable Practices at:
(206) 778-5595

For questions regarding insurance coverage, benefits or selecting a primary care doctor please contact your insurance provider. 


Records: All medical records are subject to an initial administrative handling fee of $25, and $1.12 for the first 30 pages  and $0.84 per page thereafter.  Payment must be received prior to sending records to patients. Charges will be sent to other agencies if other agencies are requesting records.

Doctor-to-Doctor: Phone calls are subject to a fee of $25 per 15 minutes.  Generally, 15-minutes is sufficient for these. Payment of the first 15-minutes is required prior to the phone call.

 Disability Paperwork: Please schedule a separate appointment to discuss your disability needs. This cannot be combined with any other appointment. There may be an additional $25 fee for additional paperwork.

 Letters/Paperwork: $25 fee for letters of medical necessity, letters in support of need or other paperwork.

After Hours Pager Fee: Follow prompts when you call the office. This service starts with a $69.00 fee and is not billable to insurance. 


Where is FMNW located?
Our office is located in the Wallingford area of Seattle. If possible we recommend you drive by the clinic a few days before your appointment and locate parking.  There are 2 parking lots in front of the building and street parking.  If you get lost on the way to your appointment we may not be able to call you back in enough time to be able to keep your appointment.

Note: If you search for "Dr. Kimberly Iller", many addresses come up.  Instead search for "Functional Medicine Northwest".

What is the best was to contact our providers?
Sign up for the patient portal.  This will help our providers reply to you quicker, it is secure and it will attach your message to your record for future reference.

How long does it take for a response?

  • If you are having an emergency, please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.

Urgent Need

  • If your need is urgent please go to the nearest urgent care.
  • If during office hours M-F, please call the office stating what the problem is and that it is urgent along the best number to call you back. 
  • If outside of business hours, on the weekend or holiday, you can get through to the provider directly by calling the office and following the prompts. Leaving a message this way means you agree to the $69.00 after hours pager fee. You will get either a portal message reply or a phone call within 1-2 hours. If you received a phone call additional fees may apply if the call lasts longer than 5 minutes. 

Non-Urgent Need

  • Non-urgent portal messages get a response in 24-72 business hours M-F. If you don’t get a response in 72 hours please send another message.

Refill Request

  • Refill request take a minimum of 24-72 business hours M-F.

Records Request

  • Records request generally get a response in 5-10 business days M-F.

How do I Get Documents to FMNW?
If the document is electronic it can be uploaded to the patient portal in a message.  This is the best way to get us documents.  Documents can also be faxed to us at (206) 518-9225.


How do I refill a medication?

All medications should be refilled through your preferred pharmacy. This is true even if you have no more refills. Your pharmacy will fax us a refill request. This is a standard policy in most medical offices.  

If you are changing the dosage, you should still refill through your pharmacy but verbally tell them the change and they will fax me to confirm.

If you need a new medication this will require an appointment.

How do I order supplements?

Please create an account at Vital Nutritionals, Dr. Illers Supplement site. You can choose in office pick up or have the supplements mailed to you. If you choose in office pick up, please portal message Christine to create a plan for supplement pick up. 

Online Dispensary: This is another great way to get high quality discounted products. Doctor Iller has created her own online dispensary, Vital Nutritionals, for your convenience.  Check it out here dispensary. ** Not seeing a supplement you want listed, let us know and we will add it**